One Ocean Place Rental Policy and Guidelines


Most reservations are weekly, Saturday to Saturday. Nightly reservations are subject to availability. Inquire with one of our vacation planners for rates.

Winter Rentals: Monthly reservations are available from October - March and require a minimum one month stay.

Tentative Reservations: While on vacation, guests may want to take advantage of planning ahead for the following year. At Garden City Realty owners have top booking priority, followed by the guest presently occupying the property. If a guest has not made a tentative reservation by Noon on the day of departure, the property is then reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. To make a tentative reservation, call or visit the office during business hours. A deposit is required and will hold the reservation until December 15. All tentative reservations are booked Saturday - Saturday. Full details are available in the Garden City Realty reservations lobby. Deposits are not refundable.

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Capacity of Accommodations

Occupancy is limited to guest capacity as indicated within the property description. Garden City Realty strictly enforces this standard. Occupancy must not exceed the sleep capacity as stated in the unit description. Exceptions can be made for infants and toddlers.

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Termination of Occupancy

Garden City Realty reserves the right to terminate occupancy without refund for activity deemed detrimental to the property, the facility, or is in violation of Garden City Realty's rules and regulations.

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Check-In/Check-Out Time

Check-In: Check-in begins at 4 p.m., depending on property availability, and extends to the close of business. Although we make every attempt to ensure our properties are ready at 4 p.m. it is not guaranteed.

Please do not expect to check-in to your property upon arrival. If traveling with children, it may be beneficial for you to plan your arrival for a later time.

There are situations that can sometimes cause delayed check-ins. In the event this happens, Garden City Realty reserves the right to withhold keys from guests until the property has been deemed ready for occupancy. Contact the office in advance at 877-767-7737 for our hours (times vary per season) or to check if your rental is ready, if after 4 p.m.

Inspectors and/or cleaners are not authorized to grant check-in permission to guests.

Check-Out: Check-out is before 10 a.m. No late check-outs. Prompt check-ins rely on timely check-outs on departure day. Return all keys to the Garden City Realty rental office. Guests who do not depart before 10 a.m. are subject to a late departure fee of no less than $150.

Age Restrictions: We do not rent to any persons younger than 25 years of age, nor will we allow anyone younger than the age of 25 to check-in (pick up paperwork, key, etc.).

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Deposit Policy: A MasterCard, Visa, or Discover is required to be on file for all reservations. A reservation deposit of half the total rent, plus the cost of travel insurance (if insurance is desired), is due at the time the reservation is made. The balance of the reservation is due 30 days prior to your arrival date. If the balance is not paid by the due date it will be charged to the card used for previous payment. Garden City Realty, Inc. will not be responsible for any overdrafts or over limit fees.

Deposits and rents are placed into an insured, interest-bearing escrow account to the credit of Garden City Realty, Inc.

Cancellations: Cancellations: Refunds are not issued for canceled reservations. However, if a reservation is canceled and the property is re-rented (entire length of canceled stay at the full amount of the original reservation) an amount equal to 80% of the payments received will be refunded. If the property is re-rented for a lesser amount, the difference will be withheld from the refund as well as a 20% cancellation fee.

A request to change reservations to a different property will be treated as a cancellation and therefore subject to this cancellation policy.

If a reservation is interrupted for any reason, including, but not limited to, a natural disaster with or without an evacuation order, no refunds will be issued. Click here for travel insurance information.

Click here to read the South Carolina Vacation Rental Act.

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Taxes and Additional Fees

All reservations are subject to South Carolina Sales and Accommodation Taxes. Occasionally, tax rates will change. If such a change should occur, the guest will be responsible for the difference in taxes.

Reservation Fee: A reservation fee applies to all reservations.

Lodging Fee: A fee of $1.00 per night's stay applies to all reservations.

Waiver of Security Deposit: In lieu of a refundable cash security deposit, there is a non-refundable waiver of security deposit charged for each property. This fee covers up to $1000.00 of any accidental, unintentional damages to the property that are reported during your stay. This does not cover any damages resulting from a violation of this agreement.6. Cancellations: Refunds will be made only if unit is re-rented, less a 20-percent service fee.

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Travel Insurance

Garden City Realty offers Red Sky Travel Insurance to guests. When a vacation is interrupted as a result of injury, sickness, death, mandatory evacuations or certain other perils beyond control, this program will cover non-refundable payments and other identified costs.

Travel: Protection for covered trip cancellation/interruption, and additional travel delay expenses.
Emergency: Coverage for emergency accident and sickness medical expense, and emergency medical evacuation.
Baggage: Insurance for delay, loss, damage or theft of your belongings.
All the help you need: 24/7 live support and concierge services.

Travel insurance is optional, but it is highly recommended. It may only be canceled within 14 days of including it and/or paying the premium. Any questions regarding travel insurance coverage should be directed to Red Sky Travel Insurance at 1-866-889-7409 or by visiting their Website Sun Trip Preserver. The description of coverage for the travel insurance may viewed by clicking here. Travel insurance may be added up to 30 days prior to your arrival or when making your final payment, whichever comes first, however pre-existing conditions will not be covered if it is not purchased within 21 days of making the reservation.

Click here to read the South Carolina Vacation Rental Act.

To return claims:

By mail to Claims Department at Red Sky Claims, C/O Arch Insurance Company | 1350 McCormick Road, Suite 102, Hunt Valley, MD 21031
By fax at (443) 279-2901 | By E-mail:

For online claims, please complete the Trip Delay Claim form by clicking here.

For Assistance Contact Red Sky Travel Insurance Toll-Free: (866) 889-7409

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Accommodation Substitutions

Reservations are non-transferrable; guests may not change accommodations after booking or upon arrival. We reserve the right to substitute an accommodation or refund your payments without further liability in the event the accommodation you choose becomes unavailable for rental.

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Linens are NOT furnished in all rental properties. To order linens, please contact Garden City Realty a minimum of two weeks prior to scheduled arrival date. A $25.00 fee will be added to orders placed within 14 days of arrival. Cancellations or changes to linen orders less than 48 hours prior to arrival date will NOT be refunded.

Linen orders are delivered to and picked up from the rental property. Linen packages include; sheets, pillowcases, towels and washcloths. Minimum order of $30.00, plus applicable sales tax. View more information on linens here.

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Cleaning Policy

Cleaning supplies are not provided. Upon departure, Garden City Realty requests guests empty the refrigerator, remove all trash and load/start the dishwasher.

Check-Out Maid Service

Check-out maid service is included with all vacation rentals.

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Garden City Realty does not assure the efficiency of swimming pools, hot tubs, heating/cooling units (HVAC), plumbing and/or other appliances/electronics within a property. Refunds are not provided for the failure of these items to function properly.

Condominium amenities such as swimming pool and elevator maintenance are strictly maintained by each complex and/or its Home Owner Associations (HOA). Garden City Realty is not responsible for the upkeep and/or maintenance of amenities such as elevators, swimming pools and/or common areas managed by the association. Should a problem occur, please contact Garden City Realty and a representative will notify the appropriate property management company.

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Parking is limited. You will be requested to park additional vehicles off premises. No trailers, campers, golf carts, etc.

Parking lots are maintained by each complex and/or HOA. Parking passes are issued in accordance with the rules and regulations set by each HOA. Overall, available parking is limited, and in some cases, on a first-come, first-served basis. Garden City Realty is not responsible for parking rules, vehicular towing or, parking tickets. Should a problem occur, please contact Garden City Realty and a representative will notify the appropriate property management company.

Parking is enforced by the individual Home Owners Association of each condominium complex. Garden City Realty will evaluate reported parking issues but will not remitigate parking disputes at private complexes if issues are in violation of HOA, city, or county parking regulations. Likewise, Garden City Realty does not monitor the use of parking permits issued by other vacation rental management companies, HOA, or owners. Instead, every effort is made by Garden City Realty to inform guests of parking restrictions based on information provided by the HOA. This information is included within the property description. If bringing multiple vehicles, please verify it is permissible within the rented condo complex. Trailers and golf carts are not permitted in condominium parking lots. Parking passes and parking lot configurations vary per complex.

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Damage and Liability

Aside from common wear and tear to the property and/or its contents, compensation for damages that occur because of willful neglect, intentional abuse or violate Garden City Realty's "Families Only" policy, as outlined in the rental agreement, are the responsibility of the occupying guests. Provisions for reported accidental damages are made possible within the Damage Waiver Fee. These properties are privately owned, and Garden City Realty reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and will not be responsible for accidents or personal injury to guests or for loss of money, jewelry, or valuables of any kind.

Do not move or rearrange the property. Home furnishings are provided by the owners. If any furniture is damaged due to being moved the renter will accept full financial responsibility. Moving furniture could result in a loss of damage deposit.

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Pest Control

The South Carolina coast is indigenous to many pests and insects including the Palmetto Bug or American Cockroach. All properties on our rental program are treated on a regular basis; however, they can enter the property during your stay if you're not careful.

As tempting as it can be to open the doors to allow in the ocean breeze, Garden City Realty suggests keeping all doors and windows closed.

Below are a few additional suggestions we have during your stay:

  • Refrain from leaving your windows and doors open unless you have screens on them to keep pests out.
  • Avoid leaving food out and dirty dishes lying around. This will only attract more pests.
  • Turn off and drain water when not in use. Standing water will attract pests.
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Pets are not permitted in condominium complexes. Should a guest violate this policy they will be asked to provide proof of boarding for the pet for the remainder of the vacation stay and will be assessed a fee of not less than $350 per pet; will forfeit any coverage afforded by the waiver of security deposit, and will be held liable for any damages resulting from the presence of the pet(s) for up to 90 days after their departure.

Failure to abide by the above guidelines will result in the dog being removed from the property and boarded at the expense of the pet owner for the remainder of the reservation. Proof of such boarding will be required by Garden City Realty.

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Families Only: The vacation properties are designed for family-use only. Garden City Realty does not rent to groups. Garden City Realty strictly enforces this policy. Garden City Realty considers a group to be, but not limited to, chaperoned or unchaperoned church, college, high school or similar groups of young adults, regardless of if they are related or not. Any misrepresentation on the part of the renter shall render the rental contract null and void. All monies will be forfeited by the renter. If you have questions, please contact the management prior to making your reservation.

Subleasing: This agreement may not be re-assigned or subleased to another individual/party without prior consent by Garden City Realty.

Charcoal Grills: Charcoal grilling is absolutely prohibited from porches and/or balconies.

Non-Smoking Condos and Homes: Garden City Realty advertises non-smoking and smoking properties and does its best to maintain the integrity of its non-smoking condos and homes to honor the requests of each property owner.

Telephone/Internet: Please note that not all properties have telephones or internet service. If these amenities are necessary for your vacation needs, please verify the property includes them prior to making your reservation. No calls are to be charged to the owner's phone. You will be billed for any phone charges, plus a service fee


Other Restrictions: Recreational vehicles such as trailers and golf carts are prohibited. Fireworks are prohibited.

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Maintenance and Property Access

Entry: During reasonable hours it is occasionally necessary for a Garden City Realty employee to enter a vacation property for any purpose connected to the repair, care or management of a property.

Repairs: Garden City Realty does not guarantee the efficiency of swimming pools, hot tubs, internet service, heating/cooling units (HVAC), plumbing and/or other appliances/electronics within a property. NO REFUND will be made upon their failure; however, to service your comfort every effort will be made to make repairs as soon as possible.

Owner's Closet: Any locked closet is reserved for the storage of the property owner's private property. These areas are not included in any rental.

Lock-Out Charge: A $50.00 service charge applies to guests locked-out of a property and requiring assistance after business hours.

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New construction and renovations are a common occurrence at the beach. Unfortunately, Garden City Realty cannot predict the location of all construction activity and is therefore unable to inform guests during the reservation process. When renting a property near a construction zone, please be patient. Refunds and/or transfers to a different property will not be granted.

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Property for Sale

In the event the property you are renting is for sale, we may contact you to schedule a showing during your stay. Garden City Realty will make every effort to schedule the showing at a time convenient for you; however, we do allow our guests the right to decline.

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Lost and Found

Garden City Realty is not responsible for personal items left behind. Items not claimed within 30 days will be given to a local charity. Upon request Garden City Realty will send recovered items via local mailing service for Cash on Delivery plus a service charge.

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Preservation of Natural Resources

The energy and natural resources saved today belong to you, now and tomorrow. Please turn off all lights, heat, air conditioning, televisions and turn off all water faucets when not in use. Garden City Realty is a proud community leader in the effort to conserve energy and our natural resources.

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All prices and/or descriptions are subject to change. We reserve the right to correct errors on this Website.
Winter monthly rentals and vacation home sales are also available. Please contact us for more information.

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